Everything DM Help Client To Double Their Business In Two Months


Avilec Ltd have been providing top quality car engine control unit (ECU) repairs and overhaul services for 17 years. Their primary audience is the motor trade, and working from their base on the Isle of Wight they carry out subcontract ECU repairs for companies in the UK and overseas.


As Avilec have historically provided subcontract services to better known companies that deal directly with the motor trade, many of their potential customers have had ECUs repaired without knowing that Avilec had actually carried out the repairs.

The objective of Avilec’s campaign was to raise their profile with the dealerships and independent workshops throughout the UK that they have previously undertaken work for as a subcontractor and inform them that by dealing directly with Avilec, they can continue to receive the specialist ECU services as before but benefit from a reduced cost.

How We Helped

The team designed a direct mail and email piece which reflected the Avilec brand and nature of the campaign perfectly.

We cleaned and appended Avilec’s customer database, to reduced wastage and provide them with new channels to reach their customers, before delivering the multi-channel campaign through our Touchpoint platform.


Avilec saw an increase in:
•    awareness within their target market
•    work from their existing database – it had doubled
•    the number of repeat customers
•    the quality of their existing database

I am extremely happy with the customer service offered by Everything DM who I felt have a synergy with the needs of Barretts Jaguar Canterbury. I was also highly impressed with the quality of the prospect data and delighted with the results so far. We are looking forward to continuing with the campaign throughout the year.