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Your Data

Customers are the lifeline of any business; how well do you understand yours?

Why do they buy from you? Could they be buying more? Are you providing them with what they need?

Acquiring a new customer can cost anywhere between 5 and 10 times as much as keeping an existing one, so it makes sense to maximise the return from your database.

This is where we add value; cleansing your database and adding insight.

A clean database reduces waste and lowers the cost of your marketing. Building a complete picture of your customers allows you to create highly targeted offerings for your customers, improving your return on investment.

Clean your data

What you say to your clients is important, but how you deliver the message can have just as much impact.

The way your message looks will speak volumes about your business and have a definite impact on how successful your campaign is.

Append your data

Increase the value of your data by building a bigger picture of your customers and prospects, add additional information such as their lifestyle habits of new contact channels with our appending services.

Build profiles

Finding the commonalities between the different clients you have on your database allows you to build profiles.

These can be used to tailor different messages that will better resonate with your clients.

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Data Health Check

If you’re now wondering just how up to date your CRM database is, our free data health check service will give you an indication. We’ll identify the number of customers who have moved, changed their contact details or passed away, and suggest next steps.