Third-Party Data Privacy Policy

Everything DM is committed to protecting your privacy online. Our Third-Party Data Privacy Policy is shown below and reflects the requirements of Data Protection Law, including the Privacy and Electronic Communications Act (2003), and other regulatory requirements including The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which became law on 25th May 2018. If you have any questions or concerns about our use of your personal information, please contact us at

Our Data

Everything DM maintain and lease consumer and business data from selected data partners collected from original sources. These sources include self-reported consumer survey information, aggregated consumer panel data, websites that have permission to share information about visitors, public records and historical retail purchases.

The common types of consumer information we hold are listed below, with examples from these general categories:

  • - Demographics - age, gender, marital status, income, occupation and education
  • - Behavioural and lifestyle - hobbies, sporting activities, travel preferences, high-tech equipment users and purchasing behaviour
  • - Census - aggregated to provide general demographic information at a small area level
  • - Property Information - property type, property value and tenure
  • - Life events - consumers who have recently moved home or had a baby

Everything DM’s data comes from sources such as:

  • - Government ‘Open’ data e.g. Land Registry
  • - Consumer surveys
  • - Research data
  • - Summarised UK Census information
  • - Calculations using existing data
  • - Other authorised data providers

From our data sources, as well as calculations and insights from it, we also derive information pertaining to:

Individual consumers, such as:

  • - Gender
  • - Marital status
  • - Actual and estimated age range
  • - Estimated income
  • - Education level
  • - Household status (head of household, spouse, elderly parent, young adult)
  • - Lifestyle interests (e.g. product ownership, interests and hobbies, travel, charities supported etc.)

Households, such as:

  • - Property type
  • - Whether a household rents or owns a home
  • - The estimated value of a home
  • - Length of residence
  • - Number of adults
  • - Telephone number
  • - Presence of children
  • - Estimated household income

Geographic information about individuals and households, such as:

  • - Address
  • - Census tract, block group, etc.
  • - Postal breakdowns (postcode, postal area, etc)
  • - Census estimated projections

Our Data Collection Partners

Our Partners are leaders in the marketing services industry, so we adopt and implement best practices and diligently seek to follow all laws governing the acquisition, compilation and distribution of consumer data. These practices include careful screening of data sources, ongoing internal audits, and appropriate consumer notice and choice.

Our Data Quality

Our Partners employ rigorous data testing, including applying proprietary models and algorithms, in our efforts to maintain only the most accurate data. Our processes assure proper consideration is given to consumer interests, laws, industry rules, regulations and guidelines and ethical principles that impact our data usage.

Request Your Information

You may request access to the individual and household information in our partners marketing databases by contacting us and we will put them in touch with you directly.

Our Approach to Privacy

Everything DM is a steward of the information it collects, maintains, utilises and shares. Our stewardship is anchored in a values-based approach to privacy that focuses on the protection of information in our care and the safeguarding of consumer privacy through appropriate and responsible use.

Opting out of Targeted Advertising

If you would prefer not to receive marketing communications on behalf of our clients, please contact us and we will amend your communication channel information.

If you would prefer that you do not receive targeted advertising based on data other organisations may have on you, then there are a range of opt-out choices available to you, depending on the communication channel:

Postal Marketing– You can opt out of postal marketing by registering with the Mail Preference Service (MPS) at This is an industry wide service that is administered by the Direct Marketing Association and recognised by the Information Commissioner.

Telephone Marketing – You can opt out of all telemarketing activity by registering their details with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) at The TPS is similar to the MPS but is administered by the Information Commissioner.

Email Marketing - Unlike Postal or Telephone channels, there is no industry-wide service to opt out of email marketing. Therefore, consumers should always review privacy policies and marketing opt-in check boxes when registering for services or purchasing products online. Where unwanted email marketing is received, consumers should unsubscribe to prevent future communications.

Contact Us

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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