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The Citroën Conquest Programme


We all know the importance of achieving conquest sales in order to reach targets, achieve market share growth and to inject new customers into our portfolio.

The Citroën Conquest Programme operated from 2014 until earlier this year when it was suspended in order to ensure full GDPR compliance. Now relaunching as engage, your dealership has access to 1000 prospects in your AOI each month. These in-market prospects receive regular communications from us and engage with your dealership directly, following receipt of a personalised email or direct mail post card.


Our data partner Omnis Data, who will be collecting data for your engage campaigns are ICO registered and members of the DMA.

Everything DM are named alongside Omnis Data at point of data capture ensuring we are able to manage the campaigns on your behalf. Citroen UK are named as a brand in our 3rd Party Data Privacy Policy providing transparency for the consumer.

All emails are sent from Everything DM to the consumer and all suppression requests, unsubscribes and subject access requests, will be handled by us so you can focus on sales and your team.

It couldn't be easier

Simply sign up to our monthly direct debits, supply your customer data via our secure network and we'll do the rest.

Oh... You may also want to prepare yourself for the leads we'll deliver direct to your dealership too.


Proven results

All of our experience has allowed us to fine tune the scheme and ultimately drive great results for all of our clients.

We work with you to set up the monthly campaigns and send them out to the qualified prospects. We manage the fulfilment - the targeting and artwork design and branding is supplied by the Citroën UK dealer team.

8.8 average number of days between sales for the registered dealerships.
1 in 176 individuals we contacted purchased a vehicle.
2.98 is the average communications with an individual prior to sale.
59 of 60 dealerships saw sales after 1 communication.
98 average number of sales registered per dealership signed up to engage.
5853 total number of sales contributed to by managed campaigns.

View some dealer campaign results

Select a dealership from the list below to see sales potentially influenced by the previous scheme. Please note we are cautious as direct attribution to any one marketing channel is difficult!!

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