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GDPR is coming, and it’s good news for Citroën dealers serious about making more sales with less work.

We'll identify hot prospects and deliver irresistible email and direct mail, driving footfall and web traffic every month.

Based on analysis performed by Citroën UK last year, 98% of Citroën dealerships saw a sale after just one communication, and our campaigns contributed to over 5,000 sales for dealers on our scheme, averaging 98 sales per dealer.

You may have heard of it?

engage. is a tried and tested scheme that’s been running for several years, all under a different guise.

Entering its 4th year and known previously as the Citroen Conquest Scheme, engage has delivered over 1.7 million Citroën marketing communications direct to prospective customers on behalf of Citroën dealers, resulting in soaring enquiries and sales for individual dealers like you.

Why the change?

The original scheme which commenced in 2014 was designed to promote both Citroën and DS.

There is now a requirement to communicate a message from both brands individually on a monthly basis and thats the main reason for the change. We'll also be working directly with each dealership under the new scheme.

Although still supported by Citroën UK and the Citroen dealer team, we'll handle the set up and day to day management under the new scheme. This means specific support for you, the dealer, and more accurate and regular reporting on how your campaign is performing.

Citroën Marketing Communications

Proven results

All of our experience has allowed us to manipulate the scheme and ultimately drive great results for all of our clients.

What's more, the scheme requires minimal management from you. We set up your campaigns and send them out to thousands of qualified prospects. We manage everything - the artwork design and branding is supplied by the Citroën UK dealer team.

8.8 average number of days between sales for the registered dealerships.
1 in 176 individuals we contacted purchased a vehicle.
2.98 is the average communications with an individual prior to sale.
59 of 60 dealerships saw sales after 1 communication.
98 average number of sales registered per dealership signed up to engage.
5853 total number of sales contributed to by managed campaigns.

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